Friday, March 13, 2009

it was not an ordinary accident

According to one of the website the Masvingo-Harare road is a two lane route. The place where the crash occurred is on a kilometre-long (0.6 miles) stretch of clear road, sandwiched between two commercial farmlands. As the nation ponders on the latest tragedy, many questions are being asked and concerns are being raised over the security of government officials. How a convoy of three vehicles, with one in the middle carrying the second most important person in the land, got involved in a car crash, is what has perplexed me.

How the oncoming lorry, which apparently belonged to a partner of the US government aid agency USAID, is thought to have crossed into the prime minister's path, sideswiping the right bumper of Mr Tsvangirai's Land Cruiser, which then rolled off the highway?

If you look at the circumstances surrounding the accident, they show that there is not as much security as one would have wanted, not that you can prevent an accident, but I'm sure it must give a lot of lessons about the security framework. I have learnt that when Mugabe travells he goes with the minimum of fifteen vehicles, motor bikes and ambulances.

It's very depressing, I think happening within the first three weeks of the new inclusive government. It's unfortunate that the public will find it unbelievable and that could threaten the whole framework of the new government, especially with another cresh of onether MDC leader when he was from the Suzen Changarai funeral.

It is supprising to hear that at the clinic where Mr Tsvangirai was treated, there was heavy security, state agents and armed police. It appeared like a state expression of loyalty, to avoid giving any credence to conspiracy theories.

I couldn’t agree more with the Zimbabwen Minister of Finance Tendai Biti that Logic would have demanded that police escort be provided to warn other traffic... and this tragedy could have been avoided.

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