Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thank you Tata Nelson Mandela

May God Almighty continues to bless the Icon of humanity, "Tata" Nelson mandela and his descendents for what he has done in our country and the world. And may he see many years to come. I still can't belive that after so much pains and sufferings one could have forgiven and reconciled that easily. Surely many of us would have opted for revenge immediately after being in government. We are living in a country where revenge, vengeance and racial discrimination are rife. Remember the white students who made black workers eat food which had been urinated on, when whites killing innocents blacks mistaken them for with Baboons, remember the recent kill the Boer kill the Farmer by the youth president. All these incidents are happening long post the apartheid government. Surely none of us is like the great man "Tata" who spent his sixty seven (67) years fighting for fredom in which 27 years he spent in jail.

I was horrified to have learnt that just few days before we could wish and celebrate Mandela 92 birth day , some were already wishing him dead. How do you paint a living person dead?. The cartoon by Yiull Damasco which appeared on Mail and Guardian was an insult and a disgrace to our icon and the nation. As much as i'm cognizant with the freedom of expression, I think the cartoonist should have exercised media ethics at his work. Anyway let me not ruin my day by this irresponsible cartoonist who does not have conscience.

There are so many things that I have learnt from our Icon. Some being that we must show compassion to the people who are suffering, not only compassion but actually do something to help them in their plight. He made me realise and believe my capabilities as a person. I have learnt that even though I'm not rich or working, I can actually help out those in their plight because it's not only about money. I'm sure Venda people will concur that "67 minute7 of Mandela day" it's not something new in the Venda culture (we used to have Davha), in fact it actually revives our culture. In the olden day in vhavenda cuture, if a neighbor is having a function, the community in the neighborhood would team up and go and help that person, whether is about plowing the fields for crops, what ever the function it may be. At the end of that function the person concerned would buy just a mere sweataid and prepare it for the people to drink. The mandela day takes a different shape because you dont need to be invited, you must feel it from the bottom of your heart that you need to act to change the world.

As we celebrate your birth day we also thank you for your tremendous work in bringing the 2010 FIFA world cup to Africa let alone South Africa. We thank you that, in your old age you still have the courage and passion to fight for the country. You braved the plummeting Johannesburg weather by gracing the closing ceremony of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, yes you did all these for the love of the nation.

Happy birth day Tata, and wish you many years to come. Your stories will be forever told to the generations' and generations to come. Your name will never be forgotten for the centuries and centuries to come for the good work you have done in this world.

Happy birthday!! Ndaa!!!

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