Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Mamba Bites

Swaziland Justice Minister Ndumiso Mamba love affair with one of king Mswati’s wives is par to the course. Queen Nothando Dube, the King’s 12th wife would dress in a military uniform to slip out of the palace and meet Mamba in a hotel. To me it is a sure sign of starvation because she had to sacrifices herself, I mean we do not expect that kind of act from a married women. But she dressed her self in a military uniform just for sex?

I’m also not surprised that the Queen slept with the childhood friend of her husband, these things happens more often. A women is like a female Animal when is on heat, she can do anything because she is desperate and vulnerable. If a woman does not get what she wants the history has always proven that she can go to another man for satisfaction, she can sleep with your best friend or even your gardener. It is evident that the queen was not satisfied with her husband because it is alleged that this act has been happening every time the king was not around.

It is also arguable that some of these 14 wives are doing the same. Some men can’t even satisfy one wife most especially at their forties. I don’t think Mswati has a magic, surely some of these women are likely to be neglected at night. Just imagine if she had to wait for her turn after 12 others. The other problem is because these queens are still young, most of them at their 20’s, so you can understand the sexual desire they find themselves in.

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