Monday, October 25, 2010

Dis-Graced Mugabe

Mugabe’s late sister Sabina is reported to have told Mugabe before she died that Grace and Gideon Gono, the powerful head of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and Mugabe’s confidant, were secret lovers. Grace 41 has taken lover before “One lover, Peter Pamire, died in a mysterious car accident. James Makamba. One of Zimbabwean richest businessman and a top rainking Zanu-PF official, enjoyed her favour but their affair ended in tears, too, when a furious and sexually jealous Mugabe ran him out of town in fear of his life” the Zimbabwen Mail reported.

I opted not to write about the death threats and the people that Mugabe is alleged to have killed because I wanted to centre on the main issues here which are the root of the problem (Cheating and Forgiveness). The issue that also raised my eyebrow is about Mugabe’s junior wife, I keep asking myself questions if she truly loves the man she is married with. We have these breed of women all over the world “Gold Digers”. Robert Mugabe might be seen as a tyrant and a human rights abuser to many but we should not encourage adultery in any way, the reality is that he has been cheated; he is still a human being.

On the above quotation, it has been highlighted that Grace has had affairs with two different men before Gono. Perhaps sometimes forgiveness can lead you to more trouble. I don’t know what Mugabe was thinking when giving his cheating wife a second and third chance at the first place. In our culture (Venda Culture) cheating by a woman is taken as serious offence. There is NO SECOND CHANCE for cheating women (hupfi otswa nga Tshivenda). This is what you get when you forgive a cheat, more EMBARRASSMENT.

Perhaps God has the way of punishing people; what ever wrongs that Mugabe has done this might be the rightful punishment God had to give him. Such things happened in the bible when Absalom had sexual intercourse with his father’s concubines (David) in sight of every one. It was a punishment to David by God. It is an embarrassment for a leader who can stand still against the world without budging but yet surprisingly he can not sort his personal issues. Or should I call it a “domestic affairs” he keeps bragging about.

I do not encourage divorce but the decent thing that Mugabe can do is to divorce his “prostitute” and stop eliminating everyone who fall on Grace’s trap (if the allegations are true). I mean even two warnings are enough for someone to loose a job. The problem is a woman. It goes back to the article I wrote few moths back about Mswati’s wife having an affair with his closest friend, actually it’s a replica. The so called “Close Friends” they are green snakes on the green grass. I’m inclined to agree with those who say “there is no permanent friendship in politics”.


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