Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Heita (8ta) mobile network will benefit consumers

Increased competition benefits consumers a great deal. I disagree with those who say it’s too little too late for Telkom to own a mobile network. According to other reports Telkom had a stake at Vodacom mobile network and some heavily criticise Telkom by selling its Vodacom shares.

I might not be a good economist but one thing for sure, following profound competition and technological convergence Telkom is in its own right and reasonable in bringing up a mobile network of its own. If we can check Telkom used to capitalise much on the provision of internet connection and land line phoning. Things have changed, some companies use mobile connections for internet and other business related matters. Today as I’m writing all mobile networks are capitalising on this, they use USB connection modern for internet connection. Most people I know have migrated to a new technology because it is convenient. So Telkom finds itself in the muddle, the reality is they are still competing with mobile networks’ like it or not. So what should they do? They are obliged to create their mobile network so that they can be back on the game. It’s a great idea Telkom has ever made.

It is a good news to consumers because they are still going to experience more mahala calls (free minutes) and low charges.

I must commend ICASA for opening up a market for increased competition. One would like the same to apply in the postal services. Eish! The prices of the fast mail that unemployed graduates buy everyday it’s beyond ones comprehension. Some people are unable to apply for jobs because of these unbearable prices, then how do you expect the unemployment rate to drop?

The introduction of 8ta is also a wakeup call for Cell C, Its good thing that they have revamped their logo. They must work hard to stay in the game. I am a happily South African with variety of mobile services choice to choose from.

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