Saturday, November 13, 2010

An exclusive intervew with Tshidino Ndou aka "Chidino"

This time we put a well known Tshidino Ndou aka "chidino" on the spot, trying to get a rare glimpse of his creativity and vision in the film industry. The Only Truth always go out of its way meeting endowned people in order to unlesh talents and make you fully acquainted with your favourates Celebs.

The Only Truth:What is the name of your Company and what is all about?
Chidino:My Company is called Dzhatsha Films and its main function is to produce and distribute movies. The company has been operating for two years now.

The Only Truth:Tell us, what inspired you to get started in filmmaking?
Chidino:Naturally movies are my passion. There are great African stories to be told all around us. When it started in the 90's I had already directed and acted in the registered no-profit organization, Dzhatsha Community Theater which I co-founded with my three younger brothers, Jeffry Ndou, Takalani Ndou, and Mukondeleli Ndou. Growing up watching Mr. T of the "A Team" and Michael Knight of "Night Rider" in the 80's on a black and white television eventually blossomed into a love of movies and I decided that making films is what I wanted to do with my life. I also drew inspiration from my father whom I will always adore for supporting Dzhatsha Community Theater by offering costumes for stage acting. May his soul rest in peace!

The Only Truth:How many films have you produced?
ChidinoI have produced and directed five films to date

The Only Truth:How did you breakthrough to the movie industry?
Chidino:My fist breakthrough was when I got involved in the post office "Big Shoot" commercial ad for SABC in 2001, since then I have been involved in numerous films and television productions such as Jozi Streets, Crossing the line, All you need is love, AVBOB and Ashifashabba television show. In 2005 I established my own company, Dzhatsha Films, where I wrote and directed movies such as "Mphemphe i a netisa", "Mathaithai", "Hudo bvuma na fhasi" and "Hudo dzula nnyi", which features SABC2 drama Muvhango actors, Mrs Murabeli Elsie Rasalanavho and the late Jackee Muleya who played the role of Tshianeo in Muvhango.

The Only Truth:What kind of films do you enjoy making?
Chidino:Without settling boundries, my passion is in comedy films, but I also love doing romantic stories.

The Only Truth:One of the biggest challanges facing filmmakers in South Africa is piracy. Is piracy a big issue for you?
Chidino:You see, at the end of the day will find that our movies sell quite well, but they don't sell as much as they should. We don't really have great turnover as it should be. People should be educated that piracy hinders our development.

The Only Truth:Apart from piracy what are other problems you are currently facing?
Chidino:Honestly, funding is hard. At some point, I realise I would never make a living off my movies, and that is why I often cast non-professional actors in my filmr due to our low budget production.

The Only Truth:Can you tell us some of the talented actors you would like to wnrk with?
Chidino:My best actors are in Nollywood. I would enjoy directing Rita Domnic, Patience Ozokwo, Clarion Chukwurah, Mercy Jonson, John Okafor (MR. IBU), fransis Duru, Nkemowoh (Osoufia) to mention but few. These actors are able to bring out the best in them and make me believe in the story. If they have to cry, they really do cry.

The Only Truth:Are you in anyway threatened by other film production companies in the industry?
ChidinoGosh! What are other companies? Competition is good but I don't really see any local company that is threatening us. However, we need more film production companies to come forth and produce many films for our people. I don't think I should feel threatened by any formation of a Movie Company. For me it is when you've gone international that's when we can begin to talk of competiton. Perhaps we are threatened by Hollywood.

The Only Truth:Is the anything that makes your company different from others?
Chidino:Yes, we are a fully registered film producer and distributor. We are also a registered member of a film and Publication Board. All our films are reviewed and rated for public viewing.

The only Truth:Are you intending collaborating with other filmmakers?
Chidino:Yeah, I was contacted by Murendeni Ramunenyiwa who played as Lambani on Muvhango and Shonisani Muleya commonly known as Shabba to do a movie together. Murendeni was challanged by my drama "Hudo dzula nnyi" while Shabba was impressed by Mathaithai Comedy.

The Only Truth:Without giving things aways, what are you working on now?
ChidinoYeah, im currently shooting a musical movie, 'I want to be a star' which is set for release latter this year. The film is based on the life story of a beautiful women and young charismatic girl, Beyonce who wa

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