Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Catch me tonight on TV SABC2, Lafamilia at 18:00

Yes, in case if you were wondering, I didn't rob a bank nor kill a person. Infact I'm appearing on one of the biggest SABC2 show for the good reasons. Most people have the the perception that if someone from the village appears on Television is because the must be something bad he/she have done. It never occurs to them that even average people can be celebrated for the good things that they are doing in communities.

The programme will show up some of the good things that I did for my community which include: Helping students with disabilities at the University of Limpopo with mobility training, and being their motivator socially and academically. Helping people is part of my DNA make up as an African who cherishes the values of Vhuthu (Ubuntu). Africans have compassion and good will.

This interview evoked determination and will continue to help those in need with all I have. I'm grateful because I'm being recognised while I'm still alive and I edge on other people to join me in lessening the plight of those in need.


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