Monday, July 4, 2016

The DA comparative election advert mocks ANC

The  jaw dropping DA advert that was aired  on SABC 1  on Monday 4th July 2016 has kept a lot of people talking. The advert  shows a young woman going to a voting station and along the way come across  ANC  or people wearing ANC t-shirts canvassing.  When she gets to  the  voting booth, she is tempted to vote for  the ANC  but suddenly changes her mind and vote DA.

The DA has decided to  go bare hands in the boxing  ring and takes the fight to another level. The creativity in the use of comparative advertising is simply stunning. The advert specifically shows ANC emblem and its purpose is to show how the rival is going to lose.

Making fun of the competitor is an age old theme in advertising. However  When political parties address their rivals directly by name or by subtle references,means that they acknowledge that the competitor is a big deal and a threat.

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