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Venda was a bantustan in northern South Africa, now part of Limpopo province. It was founded as a homeland for the Venda people, speakers of the Venda language. It was declared self-governing on 1 February 1973. On 13 September 1979, it was declared independent by the South African government and its residents lost their South African citizenship. In common with other bantustans, its independence was not recognized by the international community. Being nominally independent it was possible to set up a casino which was done in the early 1980s, staffed in the main by British workers. There was of course no apartheid in Venda, leading to relationships across the racial divide.

It was initially a series of non-contiguous territories in the Transvaal, with one main part and one main exclave. Its capital, formerly at Sibasa, was moved to Thohoyandou (which included the old Sibasa administrative district) when Venda was declared independent in 1979. Prior to independence it was expanded to form one contiguous territory, with a total land area of 6,807 km².[1] Its stated population in 1991 was 558,797 (This was not accurate),[1] with the majority of Venda peoples in Southern Africa living within its territory. The state was cut off from neighboring Zimbabwe by the Madimbo corridor, patrolled by South African troops, to the north, and from nearby Mozambique by the Kruger National Park.[1]

The first President of Venda, Patrick Mphephu, was also a chief of the Venda people. His successor, Frank Ravele, was overthrown in a military coup in 1990, after which the territory was ruled by the Council of National Unity. Venda was re-absorbed into South Africa on 27 April 1994.[2]

In 1982, the University of Venda was established as an institution for higher learning for vha-Venda people.[5] Venda is divided into small areas, such as Mukhase, where pure water can be found running off the mountain. The area contains wild animals such as elephants, lions, and springbok.

Famous Venda people
Rudzani Ramudzuli
Ice p (Lusunzi)
Phillip Ndou
Professor Tshilidzi Marwala
Professor Mulalo Doyoyo
Joel Netshitenzhe
Alfred Lusunzi
Sidney Mufamadi
Cyril Ramaphosa
Thovhele Vho
Kennedy Tshivhase (self-proclaimed King of Venda)[6]
Mukoni Ratshitanga
Maduvha Madima
Mbulaheni Charles Mphephu
Mmbara Hulisani Kevin
Mbulaheni Mulaudzi
Stanley Liphadzi
Aluwani Dzhivhuho
Lusani Mafunzwaini
Re. Thivhilaeli Simon Nedohe
Lufuno Lefty Maphala
WMRD Phophi
SS Madima
Muleya Tshimangadzo
Muleya Shonisani (shaba)
Diniel Mambushu Mudau
Joyce Mashamba


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