Wednesday, August 12, 2009

DLGH Celebrates Mandela Day in Style

By Tshimangadzo Muleya

I was privillaged to be part of the Department officials who extensively contributed in changing lives of the poor in the Province. Lives of the destitute families dramatically changed at a lightning speed on Mandela Day when the MEC of Local Government and Housing Mr. Soviet Lekganyaneand the Department officials built them Houses as a present during Mandela day on Saturday 18 July 2009. The Houses were built in Mohokone (Bolobedu) and Ga-Marishane (Janefurse) respectively. Mandela Day is an annual celebration of Nelson Mandela’s life and a global call to action for people to recognize their individual power to make an imprint and change the world around them.

It was all go at the venue and the MEC, Mayors and the officials showed absolute commitment when building the house of the destitute family. “If Nelson Mandela dedicated 67 years of his life to serve humanity, surely each and every one of us can spare 67 minutes of our time as a way of saying thank you to him by serving and doing good to others” Said the MEC.

I was queit impressed to see the MEC Mr. Soviet Lekganyane, who looked like a qualified brick layer putting up Matjatji’s house. The MEC further indicated that the department will continue to accelerate services delivery and pursue the development of integrated and sustainable human settlements in honour of Madiba and other heroes and heroines. “Tata, we wish you a happy, blessed birthday and continued good health” These were the concluding words of Lekganyane and the construction of the house continued.

Ms Matjatji Rabothata the head of the deprived family which was living in a roundavel muddy house with a thatched roof which shown signs of age, was completely shocked by the developments. The family could not build themselves a decent house since Matjatji was relying on her disability grant to look after the family. “I am very happy for being granted the opportunity to own a decent shelter, more especially on this special day, birthday celebration of our icon hero Tata Nelson Mandela. I will cherish this day for the rest of my life” She said.

Meanwhile it was also an idyllic day for Sinah Madishana, who looked pretty much content with the four roomed house present that DLGH was building for her. “Now I’m rest assured that my family will be safe, come what may, I wouldn’t worry” Said Sinah fighting tears back as she spoke. “Even now I still can not believe that this is my house, I still wonder how the department tracked me down in my hard times; I thought no body cared. As from today I depend on Government to look after me and my family and I know that this Government will never forsake me” She smiled radiantly

Madishana family have been in the grip of plummeted winter degrees and a burning summer heat and heavy rains for years as the shabby shack they live in could offer less protection. The family occupied the shack after their house was accidentally bent up in 2007.

“I’m here on behalf of the MEC of Local Government and Housing Mr. Soviet Lekganyane, who is at Mopani, Mohokone today. “The house we are building for the Madishana family is a true symbolic of government commitment to housing and other basic services. It won’t end here; we will make sure that we fulfill the mandate that our people have given us. This also shows that our government cares for the people as Mandela did in his 67 years” Said the MEC of Education Dickson Masemola with a short speech before laying bricks to the house of the destitute family
The above story clearly indicate that the government is actualy doing its best to change lives opposed to the media's perspective. At first, with the little knowledge that I had, I was a bit sceptic about of services by government in the province, but know with the light that I have I tell you government is doing much in changing ordinary's people lives. The problem that I realised is that "we believe heavily on the media" which always try by all means to write everything bad about the government in order to sell their publications. Some of the stories they write about the government of course their true, but do you think evrything about the government its all bad? I dont think so.

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