Thursday, October 22, 2009

Please SAFA don't disapoint us again!!

Thank God we finally got rid of the "Big Nose" Santan, who disgracefully put our much-loved team BafanaBafana at number 80 as far as fifa ranking is concerned. It has been a trend for SAFA to mismanage the South African football for years, with the likes of Molefe Olifant, Ivin Khoza who steered our foot ball down the drain. When SAFA takes on the Brazillian couch - Santana they knew quite well that he lacked international experience and that he was hopping from one club to the other in Brazil without success. As a matter of fact SAFA never delved deeply into Santana’s credentials; instead they fall into Carlos Pereira’s trap and took his words for it.

Now is the time for a new leadership, I would be disenchanted a great deal, if SAFA take on Pereira as the head Couch to take Bafana Bafana to the world Cup. The time is ripe for Bafana to get a local couch, the couch who fully understands our foot ball style and our players. We have no time to waste, only few months left. We have couch like Shakes Mashaba, Jomo Sono, Garvin Hunt, Clive Backer and Gordon Igisund. And beyond reasonable doubt tall these couches have a great acumen to take Bafana to greater heights, let’s forget about Pereira and his crew because we have a bottle of talents right here at home.

Why am I saying Local couches? Since South Africa was allowed to participate in sports in 1992, couches that have been successful were local couches. Your Clive backer, Jomo sono and Shakes Mashaba, none of the over sees couches did well in Bafana Bafana, so it is high that we start to value the talent that we have.

Hopes are high that Christian Nematandani would bring measure development and changes to South African foot ball fraternity, yes he must not disappoint. The previous regime was characterized of lack of accountability, invisibility, clumsy and silence when it comes to South African foot ball. Nematandani should not take the job ahead of him frivolously because there is still a lot of work to be done. Look at Ghana, Ivory Cost, where were they in the last six years? They were small teams, but look at them today; they have developed in such a way that South Africa can not be compared with them. Its all about development at the grass roots level, SAFA still have a challenge to development of young stars as far as soccer is concerned. Please Nematandani DON’T DISAPOINT US LIKE OTHERS DID!!!!

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