Friday, November 20, 2009

Xenophobic attack to zimbabweans

I echo the same sentiments with the deputy minister of Home affairs Malusi Gigaba quoted on Sowetan 20 November 2009 page 4 saying “Farmers who employed illegal immigrants fanned xenophobic attacks”. Gigaba went on to say employing illegal immigrants because their rights are not protected makes them vulnerable to exploitation and undermines the locals’ rights to employment. Please farmers stop taking advantage of the vulnerable immigrants, because in so doing you would be forsaking other competent South African job seekers as they do not concede in being paid insufficient amount. STOP treating our fellow vulnerable immigrants like dogs.

But most importantly I would like to discourage everyone who engages himself/herself in xenophobic attack. I still can not make head nor tail of how as blacks, as Africans hate one another so much. We still crying foul of racism yet ironically we are bearing haterage at one of us. Do we think whites would love us, when we do not love our fellows? Charity begins at home.

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