Thursday, October 28, 2010

Is Alcohol a Problem?

I grew up in the church going family but that's not the reason I do not drink. Like in every family or organisation, there is always a loose canon and in this case my uncle is one. He is a heavy drinker, let me say an alcohol abuser. At his 40's he does not have a steady relationship let alone a nuclear family or anything valuable you can point at, yet he is working a better job. These are some of the things that made me not to have interes in intoxicating my self when I was young, but it also made me to see the pros and cons of alcohol. Afterwards, I realised that there are people out there who drink alcohol but are good parents and most importantly good citizens of this country.

I do not drink but I can not declare that alcohol is indeed a problem, people are. Alcohol is not the source of many societal problems; these problems also exist in cultures that do not drink any way, the problem is the abuse of it thereof. According to the research 50% of people who die on the road in South Africa have blood alcohol concentration above 0.05 gram per 100 milliliters ( An estimated 5.7 million people were living with HIV/AIDS in South Africa in 2009 more than any country. It is belived that in 2008 over 250,00 South Africans died of Aids ( These are the two main things that are rapidly killing our beloved families and friends; hence it is inconceivable that sex and alcohol be banned. Alcohol runs many components of society, economic, religion, you name them. Otherwise we will have to ban everything because there is nothing in this life that doesn't have side effects. Everybody knows that if they engage in sexual activities without condom or drive in the influence of any intoxication there consequences. Accordingly, it is all about responsibility, behavioral change and valuing yourself.

This article is being published just one month before christmas holidays. Those who drink let them drink responsibly, one would be relieved to see death toll declining this year. It is a reality; if you are not drinking responsibly you will get divorced, addicted, accidents, beaten up and so on.

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