Thursday, October 28, 2010

HIV positive Woman who had Sex with 20 men

A 19 year old woman had sex with 20 men without telling them of her infection with HIV. South Korean police detained the woman from the Southern part of Busan. It is reported on Sowetan Newspaper that she tested positive in February 2010 and had since had sex with 20 men she met online. It took the courageous father according to the reports to report his daughter to the police. She was said to have been receiving 100,00 won (90 dollers, R700) from each man in return for having sex at motels. The court in Busan rejected a request from police to issue a warrant of arrest, saying she could instead be sent to hospital for treatment.

What makes this woman's act a serious crime is her "intension", the intension to kill, to cause body harm. The young woman in question knew quite well what she was doing, at least the court should have issued a warrant of arrest. What message is the court conveying to other HIV infected individuals who are also contemplating to do the same? A deliberate infection of other people with HIV/AIDS is tantamount to murder. Now it means 20 men are positive, 20 wives infected and perhaps another 20 mistresses in danger.

Well, I also blame the victims who go around sleeping with total strangers possibly without condom; they have brought it upon themselves. People should make out that when you are HIV positive you can still live another 30 years if you are taking treatment. It's not the end of the world. Online dating can be very dangerous sometimes if you do not execise caution.

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Anonymous said...

what a horrible thing, those people they should have protected themselves as well, how can they be so careless in this cruel world. they should know better

Anonymous said...

Jail is the only place she belongs, she is dangerous to society

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