Monday, November 1, 2010

Celine Dion named one of twin after Nelson Mandela

It's a good gesture that many people across the globe recognize the kindness of our icon Tata Nelson Mandela. Celine Dion in a report by one of the newspapers said she names her child after Nelson Mandela because she was impressed by Mandela's humanity. Celine and her husband Reno want their children to be inspired by their names. I expect many children to come to be name after this icon.

It is substantiation that when you do good deeds you will be honored even before you are dead. Remember the 2002 World Cup in Korea Japan; countless children who were born in Brazil during that World Cup were named after a Brazilian striker Ronaldo. Naming something after a person is a great honor, we name buildings, bridges and places after people's names, I acclaim Celine Dion and her husband for this one.

A name has a powerful influence in our lives; most of children with bad names always do dreadful things. If a child is named after his father "junior" he always tries to ensure that he resembles his father in what ever he does. That's the power of a name.

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