Thursday, October 21, 2010

Obama is not Christ

There is only one person in this planet who embraces responsibilities of what happens to human kind. That person is the savior of the masses and he delivers people from shambles irrespective of which part of the country. He is the father of every human kind and he died on the cross for our sins. That person is Jesus Christ, under no circumstances can Obama takes his place.

I remember during and a short while after the election of the United State of America 44th president, the Africans and the rest of the world expectations were sky high. It was an inspiration for many people around the world for various reasons.

I find it iniquitous for Africans to put so much expectation to Obama while he has his own country to run. Perhaps Africans are forgeting that it is the survival of the fittest, the war in the jungle. Obama is just an African by blood but most importantly he is a US president. He may not under any circumstances prioritise African issues over American problems otherwise he might experience a revolt from his own people. Recall, Thabo Mbeki, our second South African democratic president was once accused of putting more focus on Africa's problems rather South Africans.

In the same vein, I'm convinced that Obama will formulate and maintain policies that benefit his country. Africa will not suddenly become the most important foreign topic for the U S. Many Africans still believe that a new and more equal relationship with the US is possible under Obama leadership. Can Africans really expect a major reversal of policy under Barrack Obama? Humm! We will just have to wait and see.

Obama first trip to Africa took him to Ghana. It was understandable although other African countries were surprised by Obama choice to visit Ghana over other African countries. Ghana is a stable, functioning democracy, and has a relatively good human rights record, it's an aberration among many African nations.

Many Africans also thought Obama would obviously attend the first African World Cup as he understand what it meant for Africa to be hosting such a gigantic event in the world. Once again their expectations were not contented. I think we are always on tenterbook for something that is far beyond us. Time is ripe for Africans to start solving their critical problems by themselves, Africa rise from the ashes. It's up to us to stop HIV/AIDS, Poverty and many other challanges.

I would like to see my self as a president one day, but I hate to be one day in Obama's shoes. Every one from every corner of the world expecting you to save them? That's a lot of pressure one could bear.

Obama is only human, lets give him time!!

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