Monday, October 18, 2010

Shame On You

The society is rapidly loosing moral ground. Teachers are regarded as leaders for the youth; they impart knowledge and contribute vastly to the development of society. Hence, I find it unacceptable that teachers would rob teenagers their youth by engaging in sexual activities. Parents place children in the care of teachers because they are supposed to be trusted species and only advancing agenda to develop potentials for the young stars in the society.

I’m saying this because On the 15th October 2010 I read a shocking story from Sowetan online, written by Hendrick Mphande where by a 38 year old teacher was arrested after allegedly caught red-handed having sex with a 13 year old pupil. Can you imagine a 38 year old engaging in sexual activities with a 13 year old? It makes one to agree with the saying that says “Growing up is a compulsory, but maturity is a choice”

Education or (School) is one of the major institutions of society that determine kinship. Schools should be grooming children to become tomorrow’s better leaders. When school as a social institution is weaker it produces disorganised members of society and destruction in our country. Schools are one of the first places where kids’ behaviour and future educational success is shaped; children spend a lot of time with their teachers. Teachers are carriers of either positive or negative behaviour towards students. So we can not let this very institution that contribute so much in our lives be corrupted by the antisocial, the South African justice system must callously deal with paedophile teachers.

I also read a study published in the British Medical Journal (The Lancet) with a great dismay. The study reveals that a high proportion of rape in schools one-third of rapes of young girls in South Africa are carried out by school teachers. According to the survey, 85% of children who were raped were between 10 and 14 years old. That’s betrayal at its peak by teachers if you may ask me. I think DOGS are even better than THEM (Teachers) by far; because they do not have sex with their young ones at the tender age.

Rape or Sexual abuse is a big crime that can actually take the victims life away. Well, according to my observation, sexually abused children can resort to many things. It does not need an eagled eye to notice that children resort to prostitution, drugs, alcoholic etc. I perceived such things happening and I said to myself, we need tough laws for the paedophiles. Perhaps we can even go the Saudi Arabian way. Saudi Arabia follows a strict interpretation of Islam that demands the death penalty for murder, rape, drug trafficking and armed robbery. Why not if it can help us? Perhaps the perpetrators would think twice before committing a crime.

As a prospect parent, I’m tremulous in terror, I can not conceive the pain I would suffer if it was my daughter who was abused by people whom I thought were the one to save her from harm. Judging by the look of things, this world is coming to an end. We do not know who to trust anymore. It’s either your child is raped by a RELATIVE (the person who should always be there for you), a NEIGHBOUR (A person who can help when you require immediate help or emergency), PRIEST (a person who should give you counselling when such horrible things happens) and a TEACHER (a person who should look after your kids at school)

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