Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why women are not allowed in Musangwe

Traditionally speaking, women have been barred from participating or engaging themselves in quite numerous activities. It is this very tradition that contradicts with the emporwernment of women. Our parents during their childhood were told that women must not go to school or even do something that could develop themselves. In addition, it was stated that if a woman goes to school she would instantaneously run mad.

The point is: Every time when elders lay a law, they do so in order to protect or avert harm. We were told in younger ages not to touch our sister's tit or breast to avoid adversity, we were not clearly explained what kind of danger may come upon us, you wouldn't even dare ask why. Elders were trying to avert circumstances where you can rape your own sister. Such things are happening today as I'm writing ; fathers are raping their own children because people are not fearful anymore. Today everything that was prohibited is being practiced; you can touch your sister's breast and fathers can kiss their daughters without 'fear'.
Why women are not allowed in Musangwe? Some believe it will cause some irregularities to women menstural circle, but I don't solely consider that, why can't we find our grannies presence since they do not menstruate? There is more to the story; I understand our ancestors were not dim-witted; there is something they were forestalling.

However, the culture that we embrace dearly also has severe consequences upon us, today mother's "single parents" are struggling alone to put foods on tables hance they were banned to go to school by our grand parents. The men who were thought to be the ones who could go to school and take care of families are no where to be found. Why did our ancestors put such tough laws upon women? What was their agenda?

In our day, women are diverging from the norm; we are witnessing a rapid moral decay, and more divorces Than we actually need. Most empowered women "independent women" don't give a damn of what men suppose. When you differ with her in terms of thoughts she threaten you with divorce. Why modern women are not like the ancient ones? Are they suffering from tolerence fatigue? I mean they have been putting up with men's deeds for quite sometimes so perhaps they are trying to prove a point. But also, it is the Western culture that is aggreviating the problem. People are now caught between two points, (the African culture vs Western culture). Which culture is best for whom?

Women also play a part in their disempowerment, they hail for 50/50 when it suits them. What does "Ladies first mean" mean? Do women actually believe that they are not equal to men? Why must someone be given a special treatment if we are equal? The Western culture also contradicts with women empowernt.

Who is wrong and who is right, culturally and traditionally speaking?

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