Friday, February 11, 2011

Egypt Million March Revolution

When the fly got caught in the net, the spider can come forth and talk business upon its own terms. Many leaders are architect of their downfalls. Basically, I want to indicate that when leaders mess up big time and become arrogant, stubborn and neglect people’s needs they are actually digging their own graves. After all, the people will judge and punish them harshly.

I was a good History student at Ozias Davhana Secondary School and enjoyed every story and chapters history subject entails. I never thought for one moment that such events would ever reoccur sometimes in the future. My fellow students never regarded history as an imperative subject; they thought it is done merely by learners who are trying to avoid science and maths subjects. They were wrong because history helps us prepare for the future, like other people say ‘History repeats itself’. Revolution also occured in Russia in Feburuary 1917 which destroyed the Tsarist autocracy and lead to the creation of a Soviet Union.

It is eminently proper to say that revolution occurs when the people of that particular country couldn’t bare the government mediocrity. When there is high volume of unemployment, poor service delivery, poor education system and many other challenges. People start to suffer from the disease that I call ‘patience fatigue’. They can’t put up with government deeds anymore, so they have immeasurable power to overthrow the government.

The “One million march” was a sure sign of people’s fatigue and the Egyptians wanted Mubarack to step down immediately. What I like most about the Egyptians Revolution is that they didn't reach a state of a civil war, despite the attacks made to journalists and other innocent people by alleged President Mubarak’s supporters. The 11 of february will mark an important day in Egyptian history. It is also coincedentaly within the same time frame with the first Russian Revolution which also occured in february.

I think the Egyptian Revolution has just paved way for other nations who are currently disatified with their rulers. We are still going to witness more revolts, people will say "if the Egyptians did it, why cant we" and there will be trends of revolutions.

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