Friday, May 13, 2016

Blesser and blessie pure evil

Some people glorify the Blesser and Blessie trend as a proper arrangement where two parties are direct with one another with no strings attached. For people to even think that the Blesser Blessie is a new trend is pathetic and being ignorant to say the  least.  Suger baby and Suger dady has been there  for ages. The only thing that is new is  the word "blesser",  coined by those who are determined to continue to exploit the have not. If  you critically analyze and scrutinize the age gap between the Blesser and the blessie you would realize that the gap is huge.  It is not the peers having this particular kinda like business relationship. Pure prostitution!!!! of course, It depends on how you define it. Those in denial would even call a black colour  white just to protect their course. Honestly, humans have exchanged money and goods for sex
for thousands of years, and indeed it
seems that any society that begins to develop material wealth soon develops some form of prostitution. People think it is  ok for a "Blesser" to hand over a token to a "blessie" in return for a specific sexual  favor because they view
postitutes as a "special"  group of outcasts walking the streets half naked or bare.

The Bible says the rich rule over the poor.. Amen!!.. Most people accept that life is not fair, but the word fairness gets used a lot when we talk about income inequality. Is it right that some have so much material comfort and security, while others have so little? On the other hand, is it proper for the poor of the poorest to engage in prostitution just because they have nothing ?

I fully agree with Barbara when she said "it is actually more expensive to be poor than not poor."  for example as she highlighted,  If you can’t afford the first month's rent and security deposit you need in order to rent an apartment, you may get stuck in an overpriced residential motel. If you don’t have a kitchen or even a refrigerator and
microwave, you will find yourself falling back on convenience store food, which in addition to its nutritional deficits is also alarmingly overpriced. If you need a loan, as most poor people eventually do, you will end up paying an interest rate many times more than what a more affluent borrower would be charged.

This where those who have means,  the rich and wealthy come in.. They come at a time when you are vulnerable and stranded, and dangle the carrot that is difficult to refuse.

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