Monday, May 16, 2016

Vuwani residents experiencing systematic forced removal

We pride ourselves and even go as far as coining phrases that has become the statement of core principles,  phrases like "people shall govern".  This is the most powerful phrase that made people to believe in themselves and spiked lots hope and  strength. 

Vuwani used to be a nice, quite and peaceful place that you would go to relax and to enjoy the state of solitude in a diverse and beautiful vegetation that surrounds the area. Today it has been turned into a no go area,  schools are burnt left, right and center,  while the vegetation is used as a shield and hiding place for protesters against the police.  More than 60000 learners have been left stranded,  denied their constitutional rights to education

But  if you look at it critically,  the government is the one that has engeniered the problem.  There would not be a protest,  had the demarcation board not made such declaration that vuwani be incorporated into a new municipality.

All the vuwani residents are saying is that they do not want to be incorporated into the new mysterious municipality.  They say you can form another municipality but please don't include us because we are happy where we are. 

Another problem is how the municipality was formed,  remember that the malamulele community also burnt tires and properties calling for a new municipality to be formed.  So the municipality was not formed peacefully.

This is the problem that will never be solved unless the process is reversed.  If the demarcation board succeed in imposing the new municipality to vuwani people then I foresee lots of service delivery protest to come.  Any dissatisfaction fication would amount to violence protest because you have incorporated bunch of unhappy people.

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