Sunday, May 22, 2016

Loise van schoor being a government beneficiary a huge contradiction

I read with shock an article on the Sunday times 22 may 2016,  it is alleged that Van Schoor is benefiting from a government multi million Rand land reform programme. The  land reform programme main objective is to redress the injustices of the past and inequalities in South Africa.  

It is well documented that South Africa is one of the most racially unequal countries in the world.  In fact If one of the developed countries like America still experience the racial wealth Gap, in which a typical White household has 16 times the wealth of a Black one,  then what about South Africa? (forbe magazine, 26 March 2015). 

Let me rather not dwell much on the wealth gap,  which is a very sensitive issue currently in South Africa

The department of Agriculture is the only one that can tell us how did  the mass murderer ended up being the role model and an important member of the the public.  I mean the guy can not even tell how many people  he killed,  during apartheid he haphazardly shot at everything that moves. Killing people  like birds.. Pha!  Pha!  Pha! One by one .. Today he is the man of the people,  he is giving back to the same people by securing himself a paying job from government.. Mmmm! Maybe one would understand if he was volunteering,  I have seen remorseful sinners who turn up to be good Samaritans.  Remorse is the first step when you want forgiveness. 

Shock and pain does not just vanish  like what we see in Nigerian movies.  The dead are still dead, and sleepless nights of sorrow might be dragging on to the victims family. However, we are a forgiving nation! Let us not contradict the land reform,  let us rather build an equal Society   

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